In addition to the permanent collections, CVAR has integrated facilities and programmes offering a wide range of services:

  • The Research Centre: Encouraging and facilitating students and researches to delve into and learn about the Art and History of Cyprus
  • Educational programmes: Specially formulated for children, young students and families in order to promote learning through the Arts and to help bring out the creative qualities of Cypriot youth
  • Film and photographic presentations: Taking place during summer nights, they acquaint audiences with Cyprus's past
  • Lectures, round-table discussion and conferences: Promoting Cypriot culture, knowledge, and peaceful coexistence
  • Temporary exhibitions: Promoting local and foreign artists through exhibitions
  • Workshops: Offering the opportunity to engage in creative arts (photography, painting, research etc.) with the support of qualified educationalists from local and international institutions.

Balthazar Café & Restaurant provides the opportunity for a quiet break while enjoying a fresh cup of coffee or tea, or a cool refreshment.

Furthermore, CVAR’s Balthazar Roof Terrace, with its stunning views of the Old Town of Nicosia, is the perfect venue to spend a pleasant evening while enjoying a selection of local and international wines and witty cocktails. The terrace can host receptions, cocktails and corporate events.

CVAR is disabled-accessible, with Wifi available throughout the building.