Appreciating Cyprus’ multicultural past is one way of ensuring a better and more peaceful future for all those who live on the island.  In pursuit of a common objective—to increase the potential for peaceful coexistence through the exploration of Cyprus’ rich and varied cultural heritage—the Costas & Rita Severis Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) signed two Memoranda of Understanding on 14 June 2012. The first of the two agreements signed by USAID Representative Alan Davis and Mr Costas Severis for the Foundation will provide funding towards the establishment of the Center for Visual Arts & Research (CVAR), which will house the Costas & Rita Severis collections, comprising more than 1.500 works of art by artists travelling to Cyprus during the 18th,19th and 20th centuries; hundreds of Cypriot memorabilia; dozens of Cypriot costumes from various historic periods and more than 6.000 volumes on the history, art and culture of Cyprus and its neighbours. The second agreement will support the implementation of the pioneering Sharing History, Art, Research & Education (SHARE) initiative.  SHARE is a partnership programme of the Costas & Rita Severis Foundation, USAID, the Turkish Cypriot University Women’s Association, and the NGO Support Centre. The goal of SHARE is to provide a common platform for the exploration of the island’s cultural heritage by means of various activities and through these to increase the potential for peaceful coexistence in Cyprus.  The partners hope that SHARE will serve as a model for promoting and expanding bicommunal activity via local people and communities, local private sector business, non-governmental organisations and leading local and international academic institutions.